Do I Need A Realtor?

Do I need my own real estate agent?

Flec Demmon, a real estate agent with ReMax of Golden BC, says yes you do! When a buyer uses the seller’s real estate agent (limited dual agency), that agent advocates for both sides of the transaction. This is a challenging position because the dual agent is bound to be loyal to both the buyer and the seller. Who comes out ahead?
You need your own real estate agent whose first responsibility is to you, regardless of whether you are selling real estate or browsing homes for sale.  When you work with Flec, he works for you.

As a Buyer’s Agent in Golden BC

Buyers need their own real estate agent who will advocate for them, and who can help make the process of buying a home as stress-free as possible. Flec’s limited listing policy makes him a good choice as a buyer’s agent, because it likely that the home you choose to buy will be another real estate agent’s listing. Flec guides you expertly through the process:

  • sifting through homes for sale
  • identifying the right match
  • negotiating the best deal
  • connecting with financing
  • finalizing legal paperwork

Flec Demmon will assist you every step of the way, alerting you to all suitable listings and arranging showings. His broad experience in the housing industry and thorough knowledge of the local real estate market position him well to guide your negotiations and help you get what is fair for your dollar.

As a Seller’s Agent in Golden BC

Flec limits his number of listings to thirty. This means when you are selling real estate, your property receives the time and attention it needs to be properly showcased, with extensive exposure through MLS (Multiple Listing Service), the ReMax of Golden BC website, and Flec Demmon’s personal website. When Flec works for you, your best interests are his top priority.

“Do I need my own real estate agent?” Of course you do. Simply put, buying or selling real estate is better with Flec Demmon in your corner.